Poliquit, Jr. died at 30

Well-known in the marathon world especially in the Philippines scene, Rafael Poliquit, Jr., popularly known as the “Marathon King,” passed away last Thursday, 30 April 2019, at the age... Read more »

The First Igorot To Finish WSER Is Jovencio Luspian

2018 will be a memorable year for this Jovencio Luspian. Read more »

Treadmill Running Because of Typhoons

Treadmill running is a good habit in maintaining physical fitness when you cannot run outside your home. Read more »

Filipinos in the 2017 UTMB Results

8,191 runners represented 87 countries in the 2017 UTMB race. Read more »

2017 SEA Games – 2nd Update

Another gold for the athletics Team Philippines. Read more »

2017 SEA Games – 1st Update

The Philippines already have 3 gold medals as of 21 August 2017. Read more »

Kilian Jornet reached the summit of Mount Everest, twice

Unbelievable but possible running feats of Kilian Jornet in Mount Everest. Read more »

22-year-old woman won a 50km (31 miles) ultramarathon wearing sandals

Winning a 50km (31miles) ultramarathon wearing sandals is possible. Read more »