2023 Strawberry Festival Run

The 2023 Strawberry Festival in Benguet is currently happening. It started last 6 March 2023 and will be ending until 31 March 2023. Site Registration: Aid Station Cafe, Pico,... Read more »

2023 Big Five Marathon (not in Baguio)

THE BIG FIVE MARATHON 2023 Race Day:17th June 2023 7-day Package8-day Package From 2400 EUR During the stay, you will stay at exclusive safari lodges in the middle of... Read more »

2023 Icefjord Midnight Marathon (not in Baguio)

Icefjord Midnight Marathon Bask in the light of the midnight sun! Race Day: June 3 5-day package6-day package 2650 EUR2750 EUR The Icefjord Midnight Marathon takes place in the... Read more »

K1 Mount Ugo Marathon and Half Marathon 2023

SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIESStart: February 19, 2023, Sunday, 3:00 AM / Kayapa Central SchoolFinish: February 19, 2023, Sunday, 3:00 PM / Kayapa Central SchoolAwarding and Closing Ceremonies: February 19, 2023,... Read more »

VJ100 Ultra Trail Challenge 2023

Event by Intrepid Spirit and VJ Shoes Philippines to be held on 28-29 January 2023 at Camp John Hay, Baguio City. VJ100 Ultra Trail Challenge (VJ100UTC) 2023 takes you on a twisted... Read more »

2022 Run For Cancer Awareness

Registration (cut off)for the run for cancer awareness on 26 November 2022, after lunch at the entrance gate of the Laperal Building at Session Road, Baguio City from 8... Read more »

2022 SF50 (not in Baguio)

SF50 2022Bacnotan La Union Event by Bacnotan Trail Ultra: SF50 Duration: 14 hr Categories: 50KStart: 0400HRSCOT: 14 hrs21KStart: 0500HRSCOT: 6 hrs12KStart: 0600HRSCOT: 3 hrsRegistration Fee: 50K – P 3,500... Read more »

2022 Elderun

Hello EldeRunners! Celebrate International Elderly Day with Team Baguio Run en Chill at Bayan Park Village, Baguio City on October 1, 2022, Saturday. ✔3kilometers: (6:00AM to 7:00AM) Bayan Park... Read more »

2022 The Last Stand of Yamashita Trail Run

THE LAST STAND OF YAMASHITA MOUNTAIN RUN 2022Mountain Mountain Man Ultra series leg 1, “Iron Leg” By Team Malaya and Team Hungduan In the 1940’s, the Japanese soldiers attacked... Read more »

2022 La Trinidad Half Marathon (21KM and 10KM)

“If you want to run, run a mile. If you want to experience a different life, run a marathon” by Emil Zatopek LA TRINIDAD HALF MARATHON 2022Venue: La Trinidad... Read more »