2023 Petra Desert Marathon (not in Baguio)

6-day tour package

30 Aug-04 Sep 2023


From 1295 USD

Get ready to face a demanding desert marathon during a trip that showcases the incomparable charm and cultural richness of Jordan.

You will be able to explore some of Jordan’s most beautiful landscapes. The Dead Sea is one of these. You will get the chance to spend one full day soaking up the beauty and healing properties of the Dead Sea before heading off to Petra for the race.

The early wake-up call for the race will give you unparalleled access to this ancient city before it opens its doors to the public. If this unique opportunity doesn’t convince you, then our belief that “a picture is worth a thousand words” might just see for yourself here.

Distances: Marathon & Half-Marathon
2 nights at the Dead Sea and 3 nights in Petra Standard or Deluxe
Climate: 16-30°C (60-86°F)
Optional excursions:
Petra by Night
Petra Kitchen
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