2023 Iceland Volcano Marathon (not in Baguio)

Iceland Volcano Marathon

Join us in this epic race in one of Earth’s geological hotspots.

Race Day: Aug 12

6-day package

From 2295 EUR

The Iceland Volcano Marathon is set near Lake Mývatn, in the Northern part of the island. The route is run directly in the North volcanic zone, surrounded by geothermal activity of geysers, hot springs, and monumental volcanic terrain. The runners will be treading through soft black lava sand with the massive Hverafjall crater as the focal point, passing several minor volcanic craters along the way.

You can choose between a full marathon, half marathon, or a quarter marathon, and as always, family and friends can join as spectators!

Distances: Marathon, Half-Marathon, Quarter Marathon
Location: Mývatn, Iceland
Climate: 9-14°C (48-57°F)
Max capacity: 500
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