2023 Viking Island Marathon (not in Baguio)

Marathon On the Rocks 2021

Marathon on the Rocks has changed its name to Viking Island Marathon.

Being born as a Covid-19 pop-up event our race in Bornholm, Denmark has proven to be a real Albatros Adventure Marathons classic with a beautiful and demanding course and lots to see and do before and after the race.

The Viking Island Marathon is a splendid but challenging coastal trail run on the northern part of Bornholm.
The race features both a marathon and a half marathon and the beautiful route follows the coastline through dense forest and picturesque villages with half-timbered houses, past menhirs, and the largest castle ruin in Northern Europe

Just how unique this race is, is undoubtedly best described by our runners who gave comments like this: “The most beautiful course I ever ran” – “Harder than the Great Wall Marathon”

Join this amazing event in the “Pearl of the Baltic Sea” on 20 May 2023.

Race distances
Want to share this experience of a lifetime with your friend or partner?

No problem!

Runners of all levels are born for the trail with these options.

Full Marathon
42.2 km

Half Marathon
21.1 km

Both distances take place at the same time and share the last part of the course.

Just select your preferred distance when booking.

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