SSS Online Payment Convenience Fees

Image Source: My Desktop. Left image – SSS Mobile Application. Right image – Maya Mobile Application

I paid my SSS Voluntary Contributions last 20 December 2022 and sad to say, there is already a convenience fee of 15.00 pesos when using the Maya App.

But, when I tried to pay using the SSS Mobile App wherein there are also choices for payment modes linked in the system, I noticed that the convenience fee is only 10.00 pesos.

So, I opted for this method of paying my SSS Voluntary Contributions via the SSS Mobile App. Take note that you can only pay your SSS contributions online using the SSS Mobile App. Their website or browser-based method is not applicable. It is grayed out. The PAY button is grayed out on their website, meaning, when you logged in using Google Chrome, the PRN module shows a grayed PAY button while in the SSS Mobile App, the PAY button is colored blue which means it is clickable. Just press this button and payment methods will be shown.

It’s kind of weird. 15.00 pesos when using the Maya App and 10.00 pesos when using the SSS Mobile App.

Oh, well, it just goes to show the definition of convenience with the various mobile applications here in the Philippines.

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