VJ100 Ultra Trail Challenge 2023

Event by Intrepid Spirit and VJ Shoes Philippines to be held on 28-29 January 2023 at Camp John Hay, Baguio City.

VJ100 Ultra Trail Challenge (VJ100UTC) 2023 takes you on a twisted journey through the much better-known as well as some long-forgotten trails of the Camp John Hay forest reservation. Even for those well-versed in these trails, we still have a few gnarly surprises in store! Beautiful but beastly! We challenge you to survive this pine-tree-clad paradise. An endurance run for which no man or woman can fully prepare. From the soft trails and rolling hills and through countless ascents and descents, you’ll learn the real definition of “challenge”.

Just one question remains. Are you prepared to suffer?

At Intrepid Spirit we push boundaries. In pursuit of the impossible, we provide opportunities to transform the “seemingly” impossible into reality. We believe in limitless potential!

An intrepid spirit is bold, courageous, dedicated, innovative, fearless, generous, resolute and visionary. So come develop your intrepid spirit. Take a journey with us to the VJ100UTC, where beauty meets the beast. An “extremely challenging” route set within the stunning trails of Camp John Hay, Baguio City in the Philippines.

VJ100UTC brings you the best that trail running has to offer. We make no bones about it. Trail runners will challenge their physical and mental limits whilst devouring some of the very best trail scenery the world has to offer. Supporters can soak up the atmosphere in comfort at race headquarters (CAP Convention Centre) or experience the live event virtually.

VJ100UTC’s goal is to challenge the norm, lead the way in trail running event standards, and most importantly, greatly improve the overall experience of all participants from runners and supporters through to marshals and support crew.

But how, you ask?

More visible trail signage and markings. Our right-time, right-place trail marking, and signage strategy ensure just enough signs and markings to greatly reduce the risk of getting lost whilst allowing you to truly enjoy the trail scenery unhampered.
Night lighting and blinker placement at critical locations mean no more guessing or losing time in the darkness.
High-quality aid station nutrition to ensure you can “keep on keeping on” for longer.
Better marshal training for improved runner support.
Clean, cleared, and widened trails for more efficient running.
Improved runner safety and security using innovative tracking technology.
Highly accurate, no-delay timing solution.
Individual, personalized highlight videos for post-event enjoyment and sharing.
Professional photographers and videographers ensure high-quality capture of your precious moments
Quality catering for runners and their supporters.
Comfortable race headquarters for runners and their supporters.

However, we’ll warn you in advance. The road to VJ100UTC is not going to be easy! No matter the distance you choose.

Yes ….. there are going to be lots of hard training days, weeks, and months ahead.

Yes ….. you’re going to question many times throughout the process …… why you are even doing this.

Yes ….. there’s going to be a lot of sweat, blood (hopefully not literally), and tears.

And yes ….. you’re going to hate the Race Director. We won’t take it personally.

As they say:

Nothing in life worth attaining comes easy. And anything that comes easily, is not valued.

If you fail, try again. Learn from your mistakes and come back stronger and better prepared.

These are the skills you can take and use in all aspects of your life going forward.

Lifelong learnings, forged in the heat of despair.

The thought of not just dreaming, but actually completing something you first thought was “impossible” should drive you forward.

So we suggest you adopt the following training mantra.

Do today what others aren’t willing ….. so you can do tomorrow ….. what others cannot.

Struggle, suffering, and eventual attainment of that which you thought impossible is the ultimate reward.

Train hard, and see you there!

Mandatory Gear
ALL MANDATORY GEAR must be CARRIED AT ALL TIMES. This is for the safety of all runners. Compliance checks will be conducted as follows:

Pre-event start line gear check.
Random unannounced checks at various locations during the event. Runners will be delayed for a set amount of time when these checks are conducted. Finish times will be adjusted based on these delays. This is to be fair for all runners.
Finish line gear check.
Penalties will be issued for missing items or smartphones that are either:

Not powered on, or
Do not have any of the following services activated:

  1. 3G / 4G Data
  2. Bluetooth
  3. Location
    Penalties may include time-based addition to a runner’s finish time OR disqualification, at the discretion of the Race Director.

HEAD LAMP (with enough batteries to last a minimum of AT LEAST 12 hours) (not required for 10 km and 20 km race categories)
i. Complete the following steps on your smartphone as soon as possible after registration:
a. Step 1: Download / Install TrailME App.
i. Android
ii. iPhone
b. Step 2: Sign-up for a TRAILME account – 1 min (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtrGvYOc624&t=15s)
c. Step 3:Register for the EVENT and CATEGORY (10 km, 20 km, 50 km or 100 km) – search for “VJ100 Ultra Trail Challenge”
ii. Complete the following steps on your smartphone ON RACE DAY AT LEAST 30 minutes before the start of your race:
I. Enable 3G or 4G connectivity.
II. Enable Bluetooth connectivity.
III. Enable Location-based Services

f. EXTERNAL POWER BANK (for charging a phone) The runner will be responsible for keeping their phone charged at all times with the following services active AT ALL TIMES during the race. Runners who allow their phone battery to run flat are subject to penalties and potential disqualification.

i. 3G / 4G internet data service ON
ii. Bluetooth service ON
iii. Enable Location-based Services

g. FIRST AID KIT (must contain the following items at a BARE minimum)

Povidone-Iodine Prep Pad (4 pieces)
Alcohol Prep Pad (4 pieces)
Small Medical Scissors
Gauze Pads (Sterile) (4” x 4” x 8 ply – 2 pieces)
Medical Waterproof PU Film Adhesive Tape (10 cm x 10 cm – 2 pieces)
Waterproof Medical Sterile Wound Dressing (10 cm x 10 cm – 2 pieces)
Disposable Nitrile Gloves (1 pair)
Emergency/Survival Blanket
Emergency Pain Medication (Ibuprofen or other preferred pain relievers)
Recommended Gear
These items can be left in a gear drop bag (labeled with the runner’s bib number) at the start/finish/loop point).

WARMER RUNNING APPAREL (for wet weather or nighttime conditions – single digit (Celsius) temperatures are common in January in Baguio)
COLLAPSIBLE CUP (good for hot soup, hot drinks, etc.)
3-IN-1 CAMPING SPORK (good for eating noodles or any other type of food requiring utensils).
NOTE: There will be no disposable paper/plastic cups or knives, forks, or spoons provided at the aid stations.

Elevation Profile

Event Elevation
10 km: 700 meters gain/loss — 20 km: 1,400 meters gain/loss — 50 km: 3,500 meters gain/loss — 100 km 7,000 meters gain/loss

Event Schedule
Start: January 28, 2023, Saturday, 05:00 AM / Cap Convention Center, Camp John Hay
Finish: January 29, 2023, Sunday, 5:00 PM / Cap Convention Center, Camp John Hay
Awarding and Closing Ceremony: January 29, 2023, Sunday, 03:30 PM / Cap Convention Center, Camp John Hay

January 28, 2023
05:00 AM – Race Kit Claiming – 100KM Race Category
06:30 AM – Race Briefing – 100KM Race Category
07:00 AM – Start Time – 100KM Race Category
09:00 PM – Race Kit Claiming – 50KM Race Category
10:30 PM – Race Briefing – 50KM Race Category
11:00 PM – Start Time – 50KM Race Category

January 29, 2023
01:00 AM – 100KM Cut-Off Time at 50KM Point
04:00 AM – Race Kit Claiming – 20KM Race Category
05:30 AM – Race Briefing – 20KM Race Category
06:00 AM – Start Time – 20KM Race Category
08:30 AM – 50KM Cut-Off Time at 30KM Point
10:00 AM – Race Kit Claiming – 10KM Race Category
11:24 AM – 20KM Cut-Off Time – Finish
11:30 AM – Race Briefing – 10KM Race Category
12:00 PM – Start Time – 10KM Race Category
02:49 PM – 10KM Cut-Off Time – Finish
03:00 PM – 50KM and 100KM Cut-Off Time – Finish
03:30 PM – Awarding Ceremony


  • https://events.intrepidspirit.com/race/vj100-ultra-trail-challenge/
  • https://www.facebook.com/events/925255921769719?post_id=932028011092510&view=permalink

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