2022 Jingle Balls Backyard Ultra (JBBU by KOTM)

This is an event by Intrepid Spirit to be held on 9 December 2022 at Camp John Hay, Baguio City.

The Philippines’ Jingle Balls Backyard Ultra (JBBU) was the first backyard ultra to be held in the Philippines. The first edition was held in December 2019. Now it’s back with a vengeance!

JBBU is run in the mountain town of Baguio (or the “City of Pines” as it’s commonly known), on the Philippines’ Luzon island. The former US military camp of Camp John Hay (CJH) is the venue. Baguio is particularly popular with local and international tourists due to the cooler weather conditions year round.

For the 2022 JBBU there have been some slight changes to the route (as compared to 2019) in order to make the elevation gain/loss about 20% less. Some other improvements to the route have been made as follows:

  • The route is now 100% off-road. There are now no road sections.
  • The route will be well-cleared of vegetation and overgrowth in order to allow easier and safer running conditions and better visibility of the trail terrain. This will also provide more space for overtaking along the route and better counterflow conditions near the turnaround point where competitors will be moving in opposite directions.
    Some areas of the trail will be improved so that the overall trail will be less technical allowing smoother running conditions.
  • Night-time lighting will be added to some of the more technical sections of the route to assist competitors’ reading of the terrain in the dark.
  • Electronic timing will also be implemented to ensure accurate capture of loop/lap times.
    Our goal at Intrepid Spirit is to provide a safe, friendly encouraging opportunity for people to connect with trail running and enjoy the outdoors and our trails and mountains and take on a challenge that otherwise might have seemed unreachable. The Backyard Ultra last-person standing format is certainly different to many types of running events. Not only will you have to manage your loop/lap times but you will need to fight the desire to want to stop and eventually, also the sleep demons.

  • Q
    What is the race format of this event?
    The race format of a Backyard Ultra is quite simple. You have to run a 6.7 km loop/lap within the hour, every hour until there is only one race competitor left.
    Competitors drop out of the race for three main reasons:
    • Failing to complete the loop/lap within the hour
    • Failing to make the Starting Corral before the next loop/lap begins
    • Accepting defeat “I’m done”
  • Q
    What are the gear requirements?
    • Headlight (including spare batteries)
    • Waterproof jacket (with hood)

    • Minimum 350ml hydration container
    • Personal first aid kit
    • Spare shoes/clothes in case of wet weather
    • Comfortable chair
    • Warm blanket
    • Personal food and drinks
    • Awesome support crew
  • Q
    Can I bring my support crew?
    Competitors may only have one crew member in the shared shelter while more than half of the runners are in the event. This is due to space considerations in the competitor’s area. As space increases between competitors and opens up, competitors may have more crew members assisting in the shelter. Competitors and their crew are asked to try to have no more than two cars per competitor. Crew may not assist their competitors while on their loop/lap.

Event Schedule
3:00 am – 4:30 am: Participant set up in approved tent location. Do not be late! The event will start on time.
3:00 am – 4:30 am: Race check-in and race bib collection.
4:30 am: Race welcome and instructions.
4:57 am: 3 minute warning. Competitors should have finished their final preparation.
4:58 am: 2 minute warning. Competitors should at this stage be heading to Starting Corral.
4:59 am: 1 minute warning. All competitors should be in the Starting Corral.
5:00 am: Jingle Balls Backyard Ultra start.

Only participants inside the Starting Corral are permitted to start.
The above 3 min, 2 min and 1 min warning will take place every hour for the duration of the event. Any
participant not in the Starting Corral ready to start on the hour is deemed to have finished.



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