2022 Baguio Day Senior Citizens’ 5K Run

Image Source: Baguio Running Wall

All seniors interested may go and fill up their forms (complete pls.) at the Laperal Bldg. Entrance. You can ask the guard on duty for the forms.

Registration is free.

The event is included in the Baguio Charter Day calendar and will have its venue at the City Hall grounds at 5:30 in the morning which is also the gun start.

Only those born from 1962 and below, regardless of birth month, are allowed to join the race.

Kindly bring a photocopy of your Senior ID card or any other proof of identification indicating your birth year.

Seniors who cannot join the run but would like to volunteer to for their fellow seniors are
most welcome.

The photo can also be a good reference for those who are looking for a 5K route for road run training in Baguio.

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