Travel Bits: Almost 4.5 hours Travel from Pasay to Baguio

Screenshot from my Huawei Nova 5T phone

After two years, we finally were able to travel outside Baguio. We celebrated my wife’s birthday at our favorite hotel in Pasay.

And, that’s true. It’s almost 4.5 hours of travel time from Pasay to Baguio via Skyway which can be lessened if you are driving your own car and the time of your travel.

It took us 04:35:00 hours of travel from Pasay to Baguio via Skyway. This travel time was achieved via a Deluxe bus from Victory Liner Pasay terminal at 10:15 PM with a fare of 740.00 pesos (as of this writing plus convenience fee or advanced online booking fee of 50.00 pesos) going to Victory Liner Baguio terminal.

And, yes, I used my Huawei Band to record the travel time. As you can see on the screenshot, it is a straight path which is uncommon for runners to do. It was not included in my personal achievement for running. But, I was curious about how long the travel time really is and it did take almost 5 hours for a nighttime journey.

For an early morning ride from 6:15 AM, on a regular weekday, it took us almost 5 hours via Skyway, too. The same bus line, Victory Liner Deluxe bus, on a Monday morning. And, due to slight traffic in Pasay and Makati, which is the reason why it would take almost 5 hours of a morning-time trip from Victory Liner Baguio terminal to Victory Liner Pasay terminal.

Remember, this is for our May 2022 travel. Specifically, 16-19 May, 2022 staycation at Hotel 101.

So, always check the travel time of bus companies because as of this writing, May 2022, there is an MMDA window travel time allowed for provincial buses.

Also, if you can book online, much better especially if you want to avoid the hassle of a long queue at the ticket booths.

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