Boogie Overhauled

Photo from my Huawei Nova 5T phone

It’s been a month after Boogie, the name of my Toyota Corolla 1994 big body, was overhauled. Its engine was finally overhauled last 8 April 2022. I tested it for driving on 9 April 2022.

Finally, it sounded almost like a brand new car since the main purpose of an engine overhaul is precisely to make cars almost as it was years before.

The engine cylinder head was replaced due to a crack found on the old cylinder head which causes water to mix with the engine oil resulting in oil found on the radiator cap.

Sad to say, we incurred a huge amount of money spent, 31,935.00 pesos to be exact, as general maintenance expenses for Boogie.

Other parts connected to the engine that was replaced which I personally bought online included the water pump, the timing belt, the tensioner bearing, and the idler bearing.

The Auto Repair Shop even planned to just replace the whole engine with a second-hand 4AF engine but I told no because I have no budget for that. Plus, it will entail numerous documentation including change of ownership or change of engine papers at LTO.

They also noticed that I have already spent so many upgrades from the replacements parts already installed in Boogie including a new clutch disc, new alternator, new radiator, new brake booster, new brake master cylinder, new Secondary Slave Clutch Cylinder, new igniter coil and new igniter inside the distributor, and more labor costs for installation of these parts.

The good thing is that they were able to fix Boogie within a day since they also have an Auto Shop, it’s a combined Auto Repair Shop and Auto Shop business.

Before the engine overhaul of Boogie, I bought some items and have the distributor checked up including the replacement of the igniter and ignition coil.

Also, I had to return with a refund for the radiator that arrived because the shop sent me an aluminum radiator with a plastic cap for a Toyota Wigo which was very different and would not fit my Toyota Corolla big body. So, I just ordered again from another shop.

This is also the first time I walked for a long time again after spraining my ankle.

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