Modified Inner Door Handle for 1994 Toyota Corolla Big Body

Last 28 February 2022, I modified the broken inner door handle of Boogie, my 1994 Toyota Corolla Big Body.

A replacement for this inner door handle usually has a price range costs from 145.00 pesos to 640.00 pesos depending on the seller.

I put a hole in the lever area and inserted a long screw so that the lever won’t be easily separated.

Rod Clip or Rod Lock or Rod Door Lock Weatherstrip Fastener

I also glued the Rod Clip or Lock Rod Retainer or Rod Door Lock Weatherstrip Fastener using Mighty Bond Instant Glue on the handle.

Finally, I tested it and it’s working good already. Now, I don’t need to roll down the window and open the door from the outside every time I need to open the left driver’s side door of Boogie.

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