2022 Vietnam Trail Marathon Early Bird Open Already

Photo Source: Vietnam Trail Marathon

VTM takes place in Moc Chau, an area famed for stunning orchards, beautiful wild nature, tea plantations and extremely welcoming locals.

VTM is part of the Vietnam Trail Series, established in 2013 with the nation’s first ultra race, VMM.

70k | 42k | 21k | 10k | 5k

VTM 5km & 10km
Ideal for newbies and those looking for a shorter, fast race, our 5km and 10km have both been designed to include Moc Chau’s beautiful orchards and stunning tea fields.

VTM 21km
A stunning route including orchards, jungle, grand vistas and minority villages. After an initial steep hill, this 21k is very runnable, with just a couple of short, technical climbs. It’s a great first 21k for newer runners, or a potentially fast course for mountain runners aiming for speed.

Elevation gain: 850m

VTM 42km
Join our marathon distance and you will venture through beautiful, remote, hidden villages that are inaccessible by car. The course includes everything from runnable paths to technical sections rarely used, even by locals. Experience orchards, jungle, farmland, tea plantations and a highlight: the famous welcome of the checkpoint 5 villagers!

Elevation gain: 1,900m

VMM 70km
This ultra has everything that Moc Chau has to offer. Join our 70k and you will experience the most remote and the most challenging terrain of VTM. This is a hard ultra, but the beauty of the orchards, jungle and wild nature combined with the warm welcome of villagers make it one of the most rewarding you will ever complete.

Elevation gain: 3,000m

VTM is part of the Vietnam Trail Series which has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to good causes. Since 2019 VTM has funded:

  • Community projects for poor people of Moc Chau People’s Committee
  • Improvements in Moc Chau hospitals’ neonatal care through Newborns Vietnam
  • Support for kids in crisis through Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation
  • Surgery for children via Operation Smile

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