Connecting Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao

BATAAN-CAVITE INTERLINK BRIDGE | Length: 32.15km | Cost: 175.7 billion pesos ($3.6 billion) | Construction started: November 2020 | Completion date: 2022 | Also known as the Manila Bay Bridge, it’s the longest bridge in the Philippines.

I just read the news about an inter-island “Mega Bridge” masterplan which will connect the three major islands of the Philippines —Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

I hope that this mega plan will push through and will be completed in the future. This will be a major boost for the Philippine economy because, clearly, highways are still the major thoroughfares of delivering resources throughout the islands. Of course, there is the airline industry and the sea travels which are the options for travelling and delivering resources.

Travelling via roads and highways is another option for the delivery of services. Plus, there are some people who can be seasick and some are also afraid of heights and chose not to travel by air. There are also adventurers who love to travel using their own cars. So, having an inter-island Mega Bridge will be very good for some people especially for those who are afraid to travel by air or by sea. And, the land mode is their preferred choice for travel.

Key projects under the inter-island bridge masterplan are the following:

  • Bataan-Cavite Interlink Bridge, 32.15km
  • Panglao-Tagbilaran City Offshore Connector Bridge, 2.71 km
  • Panay-Guimaras-Negros Link Bridge, 32.47 km
  • Cebu-Mactan Bridge and Coastal Road Construction Project, 3.3 km
  • Panguil Bay Bridge, 3.17 km
  • Samal Island-Davao City Connector Bridge, 3.98 km
  • Guicam Bridge, 0.54 km
  • Three Tawi-Tawi Bridges, 1.79 km

The following bridges are part of DPWH’s Metro Manila Logistics Improvement Program, which will decongest EDSA:

  • BGC-Ortigas Center Link Road Project – October 2017 to August 2021
  • Binondo-Intramuros Bridge – August 2018 to September 2021
  • Estrella-Pantaleon Bridge – August 2018 to September 2021
  • Pasig-Marikina River and Manggahan Floodway Bridges


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