Travel Bits: Mirador Heritage and Eco Park

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Mirador Heritage and Eco Park is within the area of Jesuit Villa and Retreat House in Mirador Hill, Baguio City.

This is a very relaxing place to go to and should be one of the places on your bucket list if you are in Baguio. The famous Lourdes Grotto Shrine is also within walking distance of this tourist attraction.

From Naguilian Road, pass through Dominican Hill Road, then turn right to Extension Road, then turn right again. You will see the gate already and park your car at the parking lot located at the entrance of this park.

As of 17 October 2021, the entrance fee is 100.00 pesos. Some attractions include the Bamboo Grove, Rock Garden or Mirador Limestone Walkway, Mirador Peace Memorial, Holy Family Garden Terraces, Pandemic Healing Memorial, then enjoy a cup of coffee Cafe Iñigo.

The suggested pattern of enjoying this is to begin from the Bamboo Grove and end at Cafe Iñigo. We actually did this as suggested by the ticket seller especially if you have children with you. We also enjoyed our dinner at Cafe Iñigo.

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