Finally, PLDT Line Terminated

Screenshot from my PC as of 11 November 2021, 1:52 PM

I have finally terminated my PLDT line as of 3 November 2021 with some high blood blues during a follow-up call from their representative to determine if I really want to have the PLDT line terminated. And, some of my lines to him were “Do you think I still have questions? Why are you prolonging this conversation when I really want to terminate it already? Have you not read the letter I submitted?”

To think that I submitted as early as 8:35 AM at the PLDT service center in Session Road. Then, this representative informed me last 6 November 2021 that they received the notice for line termination on 4 November 2021. Notice something? Really poor service. Delayed service even in termination of PLDT lines. Why? Submitted on the 3rd day, called me on the 6th day. So, that’s 3 days delay.

And, even last 1, 2, and 3 of November 2021, I lost my internet connection. In the middle of my work last 1 November 2021, I lost it. Just like that. No information was sent. The PLDT representative at their service center even asked me if I have called their technicians.

To think that within this year, I almost always call or inform them of their loss of internet service. I did not even save most of the service tickets but, I was able to save some service tickets. It was almost every month within this year.

I even applied for their PLDT fiber plan because they may have been sabotaging their DSL lines but to no avail. I received a text message on my birthday, validating that “there are no available facilities” in our area to serve my request for an upgrade. Yet, they have people roaming around in our neigborhood and giving away flyers regarding their fiber plan without them even knowing that “there are no available facilities” in our area.

Plus, they always use typhoons and storms and Baguio being located in the highlands as a reason or scapegoat for losing internet connections.

And, I just hope and pray that numerous telecoms players will still emerge and compete with the monopoly of PLDT so that there will be more choices. Instead of just relying on PLDT.

And, their internet connection won’t even continue even though we are already using a generator but Globe works.

God works in mysterious ways, really. Because terminating the PLDT line lessens the burden of paying bills, an unnecessary bill for an internet connection, when PLDT does not even refund those days that we lose internet connection. Even 20 pesos is okay, or even 10 pesos of refund is a good sign that they have a good service. But no refund for lost internet connection yet the bill is still the same.

And, how to terminate your PLDT line?

  • No need to call them because you will just hear the same spiels trying to convince you not to terminate your PLDT line.
  • Create a letter informing them that you want to terminate your PLDT line.
  • Submit the letter at the nearest PLDT office or to the PLDT office where you register your PLDT line.
  • Bring a valid ID.
  • Wait after a few days for a call from them.
  • Be glad that your PLDT line is already terminated because of their poor service.

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