Travel Bits: HOY (House of Yolo Yogurt)

Source: Samsung Galaxy A22 5G personal phone

I’m beginning to like this Travel Bits stuff of mine.

This time after attending mass, our family went on a food trip.

Actually, we attended the 12:30 pm mass so it was already past lunch time when we arrived at HOY or House of Yolo Yogurt.

They have a magnificent view of the rest of Baguio City especially when seated at their veranda area.

The food is great.

You have to visit this when visiting Baguio and I think their location is intended for those coming to Baguio via Ben Palispis Highway or Marcos Highway because they are just after the check point you will see during this COVID-19 period.

One can almost see the Baguio-Benguet border from here.

This place is located just a few meters away from Petron Suello and Green Valley Dontogan Welcome Arc along Ben Palispis Highway or Marcos Highway, if leaving Baguio City already.

Although, the parking space is limited, maybe 6 vehicles can fit in their parking space in front of their store but visitors can still manage to park near them, especially if you’re craving for yogurt already.

But, they also have meals which you can take before having yogurt.

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