Travel Bits: Good Shepherd and Baguio Dairy Farm

Receipt from Good Shepherd and Petron Suello, photo source: my Samsung Galaxy A225G phone

After attending the 12:30PM mass at Baguio Cathedral, we decided on a road trip mode, AKA, “feeling tourist at our hometown”. We did a visit to Good Shepherd Convent and Baguio Dairy Farm.

I decided to drive, sort of a joydrive, with my family and we went to the Good Shepherd Convent and my wifey bought Ube Jam, Lengua, and Chocolate Crinkles.

Afterwards, I decided to drive and since I was also destressing, I went and refilled Unleaded Gasoline at Petron Suello, near the Green Valley Dontogan Welcome Arc. Right then and there, I told my wifey I want to try and go to the Baguio Dairy Farm which was near.

And, so we went. It was just near the arc at the right side. Two humps will welcome cars after Baguio Dairy Farm’s gate. Then, we bought bottles of Pasteurized Pure Cow’s Milk at 85.00 pesos per 1 liter (as of this writing, October 2021), yoghurt, ice cream and “kesong puti” (while these latter three, I forgot the prices because they did not give any receipt although you can asked for a receipt).

It was our first time to be at the Baguio Dairy Farm although we have already heard of this place before. Now, that we have Boogie, we were able to visit this famous Baguio place for fresh cow’s milk.

Sadly, Jl Mandes Ymra was also not feeling well today…

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