Got Jab With My First COVID-19 Vaccine

Image Source: PIO Baguio

I was one of the fortunate ones to have been vaccinated of a first dose of COVID-19 vaccine even though it was not our schedule yet.

It was a word-of-mouth system when my wife informed me about a drive-thru vaccination at Athletic Bowl but I hesitated because I still have no driver’s license. Then, her cousin informed her that a vaccination was also ongoing at Baguio Country Club and since most of those who were designated to have their first jab did not come, the authorities their at Baguio Country Club vaccination area decided to do a word-of-mouth system wherein relatives and friends who received a text message can come and have their first COVID-10 jab at BCC because there are still 2,000 doses which are not yet given or not yet claimed by the intended people. Probably because the brand is SINOVAC which is a Chinese COVID-19 vaccine brand.

Anyway, I had to go to hurdles before I was able to received my first jab of vaccine. I got a 180/90 BP (blood pressure) rating at the screening so I was informed to stay at a designated area there for monitoring and also to relax and to lower my blood pressure. After almost 30 minutes of waiting, my BP was taken again but it was 170/90 so the Navy personnel (they were wearing Navy uniforms there, probably, Navy Reservists) informed me to wait for another 10 minutes. I must achieved at least 160 or 150 but ideally it should be 120/80.

After 10 minutes, another BP taken and it became 160/90 or 150/100, I already forgot but it was in those ratings. I was then allowed to be screened again and my identification was verified. They even asked me if I am working in a Baguio company but I told them that it was home-based and the client was abroad. Fortunately, the other personnel there informed her colleague to allow me to have vaccinated “para di na magkalat ng lagim” or “so as not to spread terror” or “so as not to spread the virus” which is a pun intended especially for those who are not vaccinated yet. And, I took it as a half-truth joke because it is true, I may never know if I’m asymptomatic or whatnot. So, getting vaccinated is the best way to at least lower the chances of experiencing the high symptoms of COVID-19. And, I also almost go out most of the time because of family errands like groceries and bill payments. Plus, since category A4 are mostly allowed for the said vaccination event but maybe since I was there already, I heard the personnel there changed my category to A4, no BP was taken, she just asked me what my BP was and then she approved me for vaccination afterwards.

The vaccination itself took only around 2 to 3 minutes. It was just the same feeling when I got my flu vaccine last year. Then, at the observation area for those who were already finished, my BP was taken again and it was 140/100. It’s kind of weird because my BP lowered when I got vaccinated. Really weird but I know myself. I know my body can accept the vaccine just like the flu vaccine.

Lastly, after my vaccination, I was informed by the vaccinator that my next schedule for the second dose will be on 11 October 2021. For the location, I need to be updated and check the post on PIO Baguio Facebook page for the location of the next scheduled vaccination for second dose. I just hope that by that day, my BP is not high.


Anyway, here’s the update at PIO Baguio last 13 September 2021, the day I got my first jab of COVID-19 vaccine, SINOVAC brand.

Vaccination status as of September 13, 2021.
BAGUIO CITY- With the Baguio Country Club as venue and a drive- through at the Baguio Athletic Bowl, Burnham Park, 2,698 were vaccinated last Monday, Sept. 13.
There were 2,040 (2,014 with the first dose, 26 with the second dose) jabbed with Sinovac while 658 had Astrazenica, first dose.
As to venue, there were 2,065 (2,039 with the first dose, and 26 for the second dose) vaccinated at the BCC, while the drive-through scheme at the Athletic Bowl had 633 individuals immunized.
Announcements shall be given for the second dose.

And this was the post that I just saw related to the vaccination event at Baguio Country Club. I never saw this post. The post also only were intended for A4 category and that there were only 1,000 doses available for a first-come first-serve basis. Plus, reading the comments on the said post, most people are still being choosy when it comes to the brand.

1ST DOSE – No Stubs Needed
Date: September 13, 2021 (Monday, 8:00AM – 2:00PM)
Vaccination Site: Baguio Country Club
Category: A4 Frontline Personnel in Essential Sectors resident or working in Baguio City.
Bring Government-issued ID or company ID with Baguio address.

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