Lost Tactical Backpacks, Again, at LDOE

20 July 2021, I tried to revived at the Pine Bushes because I did not survived the attacks of the Fast Rotters inside the basement which I entered. I managed to eliminate at first but when I tried to enter another room in that basement, I did not survive.

When I revived, the basement was new already. Meaning, it reset so, the previous character I had was gone, including the Tactical Backpacks and the Green and Yellow coupons needed for the Alfa bunker.

This is the third time I lost a Tactical Backpack in this game. And, it is really frustrating because it maximizes the total inventory system of the player up to 25, 10 pockets + 15 backpack slots. Plus, the mere fact that I already have loots which are hard to get in this game.

Also, basements rarely appear in the Pine Bushes area of Last Day On Earth mobile game. They appear randomly even though the Pine Bushes is the easiest of the three Pine areas in LDOE.

I have spent 1,499.00 pesos already since I started playing this game. But, there is a Local VAT of 12% on top of the Google Play purchase. So, that means 179.88 pesos is the additional expense I have incurred for this game.

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