How I Was Able To Watch The Ice Road

I saw the trailer of The Ice Road and since I am located in Asia, I cannot watch this in Netflix.

But, since I have a VPN Unlimited subscription which I purchased last 8 December 2016, I was able to watched this 2021 action/thriller Netflix movie starring Liam Neeson.

Yes, I have a VPN account at KeepSolid which I rarely used but I did buy it in 2016 hoping then that I could used it in the future.

And, I sure did made the right choice of purchasing it via SourceForge Deals. It was on a promo and back then, promotions such as Lifetime VPN Unlimited Subscription is not yet getting noticed by most people. But, I still purchased it at a promotional price of $29 in 2016.

Back then, VPN services are just an application not yet fully explained for some people.

And, that is how I was able to watch The Ice Road since I already have the Android app installed in my mobile phone, I started the app and just chose the Netflix server and turned it on.

I opened the Netflix app and all Netflix US content became available already.

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