On Father’s Day This 20th Of June 2021

On Father’s Day this 20th of June 2021, I wore a Huawei Band 6 with free Huawei Gift Thermos, a new pair of shoes (Coastar) and a new brief (Bench). These were the gifts I received prior to this day.

I also refilled Boogie with 5.15 liters of Excellium 95+ RON Premium Gasoline @58.15 at Total Gasoline Station . OMG, the gasoline price is almost 60 pesos per liter already!

Then, I spent my time with my two young ones, LJ and JL, and my wifey, JLSG, at the mall. We had lunch at Zark’s Burgers and also bought a pair of shoes, two pairs of pants, and three pairs of socks for LJ’s birthday on July 2.

We also attended the 4PM mass. It was the first time we attended mass since the COVID-19 struck the world.

I also was enticed to purchased a Bitdefender renewal that costs me 39.98 USD for Bitdefender Total Security subscription for 12 MONTHS compared to what I purchased last 23 August 2019 44.99 USD for Bitdefender Total Security 2020 subscription for 12 MONTHS and last 18 August 2020 44.99 USD for Bitdefender Total Security subscription for 12 MONTHS. It’s really a huge savings!

And, the mobile games I’m still playing as of this Father’s Day are Chess.com, Last Day On Earth: Survival (LDOE), Last Shelter: Survival (LSS), and State of Survival: The Walking Dead Collaboration. I seldom play Ingress Prime and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang anymore. Also, Pokémon GO, PUBG Mobile – Traverse, and many other games, I don’t play them anymore. Lack of time, lack of interest, and probably, I just got bored.

Looking at the record of Boogie today, Father’s Day, I have a total amount of ₱242,057.93 spent since 4 November 2018. Plus, ₱42,462.06 since the start of the year 2021 as of today, 20 June 2021. And, these two amounts are inclusive of the accumulated Credit Card amounts I have spent for our 1994 Toyota Corolla XE big body which is another story to tell. This is because these are piles of debts for repairs and maintenance which I am still struggling to pay as of today, Father’s Day 2021…

And, my head aches…

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