Successfully Replaced Starter Motor in 1994 Toyota Corolla XE (big body)

It was one of those days when you need to drive and your car won’t start. And, it happened.

The starter motor failed last 4 June 2021. I even tried replacing the spark plugs but to no avail.

I’m pretty sure it was not the ignition wires or high tension wires. Not even the ignition coil and the distributor cap because these were already replaced last 2019.

I had a hard time figuring out how to remove it as a DIY’er. I was fortunate enough to locate it and remove it without going under the car.

For those who also have a vintage Toyota Corolla 1994 XE, I found it behind the engine. Specifically behind the radiator bypass hose. It is also located under the carburetor area. It has two bolts and I did take a photo of its connections, the positive and the negative wirings.

I had to remove the old starter motor to check and count its teeth. Because, when I was canvassing for its price, I saw an 8-teeth and a 9-teeth with the former priced at 3,000 pesos and the latter’s price is 6,000 pesos.

Good thing it was an 8-teeth starter motor because I already lack funds and this is an emergency purchase wherein I even used one of my credit cards, Landbank, which I vow not to use because of the hassle of paying it monthly. I had to go to the bank since they can’t be paid via SM Business Center.

Anyway, the replacement “Super” starter is smaller than the old starter. And, yes, it’s the name of the starter that I bought, and it’s “Super”.

As soon as it arrived earlier than the expected delivery date, I immediately installed it under the heat of the sun because it was lunch time.

I had a hard time with the bolts because I need to make sure it is not wiggling. After a few minutes, I was able to install and test it. And, it worked!

My 1994 Toyota Corolla big body is up and running!

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