Lost Tactical Backpacks Twice at LDOE

The Tactical Backpack is a very useful item in the Last Day On Earth (LDOE) mobile game.

“Used by military units for performing special operations on enemy area.”
It gives 10 extra slots compared to the Basic Backpack, 5 extra slots compared to the Military Backpack and brings the total inventory system of the player up to 25, 10 pockets + 15 backpack slots.

The first time I lost this item was when I respawned, meaning died in the game then revived, unfortunately, I was in the area which resets instantly. Specifically, I was in the Limestone Spires which is a Red Zone area.

Sadly, since, I was still starting with this game which I installed because it has freebies for Amazon Prime members which we happened to have a free 3-month access to Amazon Prime Video. And, since, the Prime Gaming is interlinked with the Amazon Prime Video, I got curious and installed this mobile game.

Back to the first loss of Tactical Backpack. I paid so I can get this item back. I loss this item last 28 May 2021.

Then for the second loss, which happened last 6 June 2021, I was shot at the Pine Grove area by a crazy man which is part of an event in the game. Unfortunately, I did not know until then that this Pine Grove which has a Level 2 Threat or Yellow Mark in the map, also resets and when you respawn, you lost your precious items already.

So, that was twice loss of Tactical Backpack already and now, for the second time, I am thinking of not paying anymore. I will just try to level up at level 140 to be able to craft a Tactical Backpack. By this time, I hope I have collected the necessary materials for the Crafting requirements.

For the first loss of the Tactical Backpack item, I paid 341.60 pesos to upgrade the Survival Guide last 28 May 2021. Due to taxes, originally, 305 pesos but I was charged by Sun Cellular with 341.60 pesos.

Full version +20 (Last Day on Earth: Survival)₱305.00
Tax: ₱0.00
Total: ₱305.00
Payment method:Sun

Same with the Savings Pack, it costs me 168 pesos but was originally 150 pesos, also purchased last 28 May 2021.

Savings pack (Last Day on Earth: Survival)₱150.00
Tax: ₱0.00
Total: ₱150.00
Payment method:Sun

So, moral of the story regarding payment of games via Google Play, don’t believe what they send to your email, because it has additional taxes. Although, it’s good that Google send Order Receipts to your email, the amount there will be different. The Mobile Postpaid Accounts still has additional taxes incurred on top of the original amount paid. I believe it’s 12% of the original amount then add it to the amount paid and the result will be the additional charges that will be seen on the Mobile Postpaid bill.

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