Permanently Closed Aggelos Travel Consultancy

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On 24 April 2021, around 2:12 AM, I updated the information of Aggelos Travel Consultancy’s Facebook Page.

It is now Permanently Closed.

There were problems encountered during its pre-registration period last October 2019. It was supposed to be registered as a Corporation but then there were many delays along the way.

Then, COVID-19, was slowly happening already during that time with the first documented case happening in December 2019 at Wuhan, Hubei Province, China.

Maybe, it was a blessing in disguise that the registration of Aggelos Travel Consultancy did not push through although, I must say, it was a loss for me because I already spent ₱27,900.00 last 28 September 2019 when I availed of the Travel Agency Package training which already includes tools that some Travel Agencies used.

We were even able to book 4 people using one of the booking software. Although, we did not earn anything, we just gained experience. Also, we were not officially registered albeit DTI-registered so we were still under the main company or we were still partners of another company who provided the training last 12 October 2019.

But, things just did not go the way it was planned to be. COVID-19 totally changed the world, especially travelling.

Or, maybe, this business is not really meant for me, for us. This is my third failure in the business world.

Another company that I registered under my wife’s name was Aggelos Imprint Printing Services. This business lasted for almost 3 years. It was actually our first official business and it was established when I was still working at a government agency.

To avoid conflict of interest for printing services, I decided to register this printing company under my wife’s name. But, we eventually decided to close it because there were no earnings due to a lack of clients. Plus, we cannot maintain the registration costs every year.

The business process, which is another story to tell, involves registration at different government agencies, specifically, DTI, BIR, SSS, HDMF or Pag-IBIG, and Philhealth. The Barangay Clearance is just a part of the annual registration and also City Hall expenses that include the following:

  • Business Tax (varies)
  • Mayor’s Permit
  • Sanitary Business Fee
  • TC/CF
  • CEPMO (City Environment & Parks Management Office)
  • Fire Inspection Fee (most of the times, a fire extinguisher is a must, so you must have a fire extinguisher refilled)
  • Sanitary Inspection Fee
  • Business Plate (already removed last 2017)
  • Garbage Fee
  • CTC (Community Tax Certificate) or Cedula
  • Back Taxes (if any)

I also had another company that was registered at DTI which is the Action-Info Tech but also did not push through. This was the second registered business that I had under my name. It has not gained8 any clients at all.

So, that’s three failed start-up businesses:

  • Aggelos Imprint Printing Services
  • Action-Info Tech
  • Aggelos Travel Consultancy

Such are the perils of opening a business, maintaining a business, and closing a business. Yes, there are still processes involved when closing a business. And, it’s another story to tell…

But, then again, when an opportunity close down, another opportunity opens…


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