Pay SSS Contributions thru BPI via SSS Mobile App

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Last year, 2020, using PayMaya was the most convenient way of paying the SSS contributions during the COVID-19 quarantine periods. There were no transaction fees then.

It was just a trial that prompted me to use this method last 13 December 2020 and also since I was hesitant to go to SSS and endure a long queue again especially since COVID-19 can strike you once you’re out there. Even our City Mayor got the virus although he is the country’s COVID-19 contact tracing czar due to his efforts. It just shows that anyone can suffer from the COVID-19 virus. That’s the reality nowadays.

Anyway, the fact that my SSS contributions last year was already due which was already a day before the deadline that I hesitantly tried to pay online using PayMaya, and so I did pay online, 3600 pesos for July 2020 to December 2020 SSS voluntary contributions.

It was real-time too. As soon as I use the SSS mobile app and paid using PayMaya within the SSS mobile app and waited a few minutes for the successful transaction. Then I got curious and check the contributions and it was there already.

So, from last year, I do not have an excuse of not paying my SSS contributions because PayMaya is a viable solution.

Last year, it was PayMaya and Credit Card only via the SSS Mobile App. This year, another payment mode was added in the SSS Mobile App which is via the BPI module. Fast forward to this year, 2021, just last 16 March 2021, I received an email from BPI with a subject of “Paying for Government Service Fees Just Got Easier”.

It’s a two-way log in process since you need to log in first at the SSS Mobile App then from there look for the PRN module. Click on it, if you already have PRN generated before, just pay it.

And since there are already Convenience Fees or Transactions Fees involved using these three methods— Credit Card, PayMaya, and BPI— you only need to weigh in the amount of the transaction fees.

  • Credit Card
  • PayMaya
  • BPI

Also, last year, the reason I was able to pay my SSS contributions using PayMaya was that there were no transaction fees when I transferred from BPI to PayMaya. It was during the early stages of the COVID resurgence that fees were waived in all banks.

However, since the economy must still be maintained, banks decided to resume their transaction fees. Hence, I did try transferring from BPI to PayMaya last month but the first method which was via the “Transfer To Another Bank” always failed. You also need to activate your BPI Mobile Key.

The second method which was the “Load E-Wallet” was okay but you will notice the transaction fees already which was 25 pesos. Last 12 October 2020, BPI already have a Php 25 Instapay service fee or fund transfers to other banks while service fees for BPI-to-BPI fund transfers to unenrolled accounts remain at Php 10.

So, I opted to try paying via the SSS Mobile APP using the new method which is paying via the BPI wherein the convenience fees or transaction fees are really noticeable, 15 pesos which is lower than PayMaya which has an additional 10 pesos transaction fees albeit the Credit Card is transaction fees are really high, 1.75% (PRN amount + Convenience Fee) or 136.50 pesos for my 7800 pesos 1-year voluntary contribution.

By the way, your voluntary contributions will depend on how much you want to voluntarily contribute. Just visit the website of SSS for the updated amount of contributions.

So, how did I pay SSS Contributions using BPI via SSS Mobile App?

  • Log in
  • Generate PRN
  • Pay PRN
  • Choose BPI
  • You will be prompted to log in your BPI accounts
  • Pay the amount
  • Wait for prompt

Check the updated contributions. This is where I was really amazed at the service of SSS, for now, because the posting of contributions are real-time. Just like last year when I paid using PayMaya, as soon as you pay your SSS Contributions, the payments are posted already.

Unlike before wherein there were numerous issues of unposted contributions from various members’ complaints. At least, in this aspect, SSS have really improved one part of their customer service areas— real-time postings of SSS contributions.

The SSS mobile app can also generate a PRN. So, you can just look for it in the SSS mobile app, generate it, and then schedule it on your calendar because usually, the PRN has a deadline.

Also, ever wondered why it would take a COVID-19 pandemic for these services to be put in use?

I’m just curious.

It can be done, pay SSS contributions online using BPI and PayMaya, but why now, in the era of COVID-19?

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