2021 LTO Car Registration in Baguio City

Boogie at LTO Beckel Inspection Site around 8:24 AM

Here’s what I have experienced during Boogie’s car renewal of registration for 2021. Boogie is the name of my Toyota Corolla 1994 big body sedan.

LTO car registration or LTO car renewal of registration in Baguio City starts with the usual emission testing process which is mandatory for all.

Also, after paying 550 pesos for the emission testing fees, the next step is looking for an insurance center for the CTPL insurance of your car.

Compulsory Third Party Liability is another requirement by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) of the Philippines for all motor vehicle owners.

Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL) pays for expenses incurred as a result of the vehicle owner’s causing bodily injury or death to any third party in an accident arising from the use of the insured motor vehicle.

Fortunately, at AJ-JAR Emission Testing Center in Camp 7, Baguio City, there is already a CTPL insurance available just in front of their place. You only need to ask for the personnel there at the emission testing center.

Although, the CTPL insurance here is actually 200 pesos or 300 pesos higher than the usual amount, availing it already lessens the burden of going back and forth from the emission testing center to insurance area then to LTO Beckel Inspection Site then back again to LTO Pacdal. I actually paid 500 pesos for the CTPL insurance last year, 2020. You just have to weigh the hassles of traveling back and forth.

Your car, your choice.

So, it’s your choice again if you want to avail another CTPL insurance from another insurance company especially if there is none available at the emission testing centers. I only know 3 emission testing centers in Baguio City. Galaxy Emission Testing Center and A-Luz Emission Testing Center which are both located in Marcos Highway or Ben Palispis Highway. This is the latest I have discovered, AJ-JAR Emission Testing Center, which is the one I went through this time because it is near our place. Although, it’s a bit tricky going here along with the rough and poorly maintained short roads which you will pass through, this is convenient enough for me.

These two mandatory requirements, Emission Testing Results and CTPL Insurance, luckily, were processed within the same day, 22 March 2021. I’ve spent almost 2 hours for these two requirements to be accomplished.

Then, the next day was coding for plate numbers ending in 3 so I decided not to push my luck in going to LTO Beckel because I might get flagged down due to violation of coding rules and regulations in Baguio City.

On 24 March 2021, I went to LTO Beckel, La Trinidad which is 4.5 kilometers away from LTO Pacdal, Baguio. Take note, the starting point is LTO Pacdal because you will see a sign as you enter Pacdal Road which is near Pacdal Circle or Pacdal Rotunda or Pacdal Rotonda.

As of 24 March 2021, you will passed through 2 PNP Check Points, one near Arca’s Yard and one near Petron Gas Station. Aside from the Petron Gas Station near the LTO Beckel Inspection Site, there is also a new Gas Station just beside LTO Beckel Inspection Site. I forgot to take a photo of this gas station but I believe it is Calais Gas Station which I think was just opened this year, I’m not sure, but they have an opening promo last 31 January 2021 if I remembered it correctly.

I arrived around 8:20 AM at LTO Beckel Inspection Site, a few minutes of waiting, around 8:25 AM the stencil which will be taped on the Motor Vehicle Inspection Report was already finished.

I left and then looked for some parking areas near LTO Pacdal, found none, and decided for the last practical option which is SM Baguio. I parked at SM Baguio and had Boogie car washed too. Pay parking at SM Baguio is 50 pesos and the car wash is 150 pesos but I paid 160 pesos because the car wash guy does not have any change.

I walked from SM Baguio to LTO Pacdal but you can choose to wait for jeepneys at Leonard Wood Road if your tired or if you are really time-constrained. I just opted to walk because it’s an exercise for me plus it’s near according to my standard of nearness of distance.

Inside LTO Pacdal, from 9:28 AM until 10:04 AM, I already got the LTO Official Receipt which is valid until March 2022.

Also, they do not issue LTO stickers but be aware that the MVUC fees increased which is now 2000 pesos. The Legal Research Fund is still 10 pesos and the Comp Fee is still 169.06 pesos. No stickers but higher fees.

Three Important Mandatory Requirements for LTO Car Registration in Baguio City as of 24 March 2021 are:

  • Emission Testing Results (Official Receipt and the Certificate of Emission Compliance)
  • CTPL Insurance (Official Receipt only, do not attached the whole CTPL Insurance when filing your car registration documents)
  • LTO Motor Vehicle Inspection Report

Total Costs incurred for LTO Car Registration in Baguio City as of 24 March 2021 are:

  • Emission Testing – 550 pesos
  • CTPL Insurance – 800 pesos
  • Gasoline – 500 pesos
  • Total LTO Car Registration – 2179.06
  • Photocopies of OR CR or Official Receipt and Certificate of Registration (5 copies) – 10 pesos
  • Parking Tickets – 50 pesos
  • Car Wash – 160 pesos

So, your budget must be around 4500 pesos for LTO car registration in Baguio City for 2021.

So, the tip is to go as early as possible.

And, allot at least 1 whole day for the whole process depending on your wake-up time and if you are caught in-between coding rules and regulations which happened in my case.

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