Poor Quality

Image Source: Taken from my Huawei Nova 5T Phone

This is continuation of my desktop PC project which I have been using already as a replacement for my old HP Pavilion Notebook 15-AU064TX because it already has dead horizontal pixels.

To prevent unnecessary heat on the AMD A8-7680 APU, I bought a CPU heatsink fan worth 550 pesos with a shipping fee of 75 pesos but was discounted with 50 pesos as a promo feature. This CPU cooler arrived last 4 February 2021.

And, the steel bracket or lock broke. As you can see in the photo, the part that totally locks it in the APU slot is already on the table.

So, I had a hard time installing it although I have just used the bracket or lock in the stock CPU heatsink fan that was included in the AMD A8-7680 APU. It was still loose when I first installed it and I had to do so many adjustments because the first time I turned on the PC, the APU was reaching a temperature of 71 degrees Celsius.

It was very frustrating because it got easily broken that is why it is a poor quality. I think it may even have been an imitation.

Anyways, after the final adjustment, I was able to achieved a tight lock on the APU or the processor. So, now, the temperature is good already. It even reaches a 20-degree Celsius temperature when I left it on idle mode.

Image Source: Taken from my Huawei Nova 5T Phone

And, it looks cool too.

Image Source: Taken from my Huawei Nova 5T Phone

Although, I have plans of replacing it again because I am worried when a strong bump on the case will mostly loosen the cooler’s hold on the motherboard. Or the vibrations from the two additional case fans that I am planning to install to lessen the heat temperature inside the case.

Plus, I am still waiting for the additional RAM and separate Video Card and Sound Card that I plan to install on the motherboard to enhance my computer’s performance.

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