Ordered an AMD A8-7680

Image Source: Photo taken from my HUAWEI YAL-L21 or Huawei nova 5T

This is not running-related post but it seems I’m running (almost) out of time already if I will let my HP Pavilion Notebook 15-AU064TX laptop disrupt my work.

It seems my HP laptop is nearing its end already since it already has dead horizontal pixels since last year, 2020. This can be seen in the photo below. The dead horizontal pixels are noticeable at the top part of the screen wherein I can barely read the details of the open tabs in the browser. I had to adjust the size of the browser to be able to read it. Also, the screen flickers so I had to connect the laptop to my old Polytron 19″ LCD TV using an HDMI cable but sometimes, an error occurred too so I just pray that the files will not be corrupted when I force shutdown the laptop because sometimes everything just went black, as in BLACK BLANK SCREEN while working.

Image Source: Photo taken from my HUAWEI YAL-L21 or Huawei nova 5T

I am a fan of AMD and this is what my budget can handle.

The AMD AA-7680 APU (3.6 GHz) is comparable to the Intel i5 CPU. This is slightly higher than the 6th generation Intel Core i5-6200U Processor (2.3 GHz) installed in my HP Pavilion 15-AU064TX laptop. I just had to buy an 8GB memory to compensate for speed of the processor. Plus, I still cannot afford the AMD Ryzen processors for now. Sigh…

I have no choice but to find a replacement already and since I do not have the budget for buying a new laptop, I have chosen to revert back to using a desktop.

So, I ordered PC components last 22 January 2021 and I received them today. This is just a budget PC not intended for heavy gaming but just enough to accomplish my online work.

Below are the prices as of January 2021 at a popular e-commerce app in the country:

  • DeepCool DE-500 V2 High Efficiency Power Supply, ₱ 1,557.00
  • AMD A8-7680 APU w/ Radeon R7 Graphics For Socket FM2+ with Bundle Asus A68HM-K Motherboard, ₱ 5,878.00
  • Transcend 8GB (1×8) 1600MHz DDR3 ₱ 1,850.00
  • Western Digital 1 TB HDD 3.5 for Desktop (Blue), ₱ 2,065.00
  • Secure Ups-650Va Uninterruptible Power Supply (Black), ₱ 1,281.00

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