Zoolz Instant Storage Files Retrieved Finally

Image Source: Screenshot from my HP Laptop

Update 4: 8 Oct 2020

Out of the 1,552 items stored on the 2016 Pics, 598 items were the ones that I was able to retrieve. It is a good thing that I checked the folder or the unzipped downloaded files because they really have a bad system or inefficient way of restoration. If the user does not check the unzipped files, the rest of the files are lost. It is really inefficient on the part of the client. For me, I have to check it manually. What I did was checked all the items that are already retrieved and then delete in their system. Another inefficiency is that only 100 items can be shown, I need to scroll, scroll, and scroll before I reached the end of the list and be able to determine the exact total remaining files to be retrieved.

And then after comparing the retrieved files and also deleting manually the checked files in their system which I already compared versus the retrieved files, I will need to continuously scroll down the page again to view and compare because only 100 items are shown on the first refresh or loading of the page. Another 100 items will be added or shown as I continuously scroll the page.

It is really tedious and inefficient because there is no assurance that all files that are requested to be retrieved are really retrieved. Hopefully, others out there who opted to pay and avail their discounted Business Plan on the first year, due to COVID-19 pandemic, will be able to figure out this inefficiency. Otherwise, they will be left to wonder on how some of their files are not really retrieve.

Update 5: 11 Oct 2020

Until today, as of this posting, I am still downloading some of the files. Since some of the files were not retrieved when I had to download 2,000 plus images, I had to manually check and compare.

This is really a hassle and a very stressful and very time-consuming and wasteful retrieval of files. I could have done many things, instead, I had to double check the name of the files if it were really downloaded. I had to download it by 10 files or 15 files per batch. And, downloading is not very fast too.

My schedule has been disorganized because of what this company did.

Update 6: 13 Oct 2020

After 7 days, I was able to retrieve all the Instant Vault files from Zoolz. I double checked thoroughly and after it was all good, I deleted them manually from their servers.

I also started downloading the Cold Storage or Cold Vault files. So, I need to buy a new external hard drive again to save these retrieved files especially for the files of my wife.

Update 7: 14 Oct 2020

I bought an HDD Docking Station Dual Hard Disk Drive worth 736.04 pesos, discounted already. Hopefully, this will temporarily resolved the issue of my need to obtain an external hard disk for the files which I will be retrieving at Zoolz. These are the files at the Cold Storage portion of my Business Plan which also includes the files of my wife.

I still have some old IDE-type hard disks which hopefully will still run. And, hopefully the item I ordered will be functioning.

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