Advisory For Baguio Travelers

Since Baguio City already opened its doors for travelers, it is still good to know the rules that are being implemented for all travelers. Below is the latest advisory... Read more »

Baguio Opens Boundaries For Luzon Travelers

After kicking off with selected provinces on the northern part of Luzon, Baguio City is now opening its doors for the rest of the Luzon province. This will start... Read more »

Zoolz Instant Storage Files Retrieved Finally

Update 4: 8 Oct 2020 Out of the 1,552 items stored on the 2016 Pics, 598 items were the ones that I was able to retrieve. It is a... Read more »

Zoolz Discontinuing Home Users

I received an email from Zoolz that gave me so much stress and frustration. They were discontinuing the Home Users Plan including the Lifetime user such as myself and... Read more »