Another PLDT Poor Service During COVID-19 Era

The replacement modem. And no, it is still not PLDT Fiber.

Our PLDT modem was replaced 24 August 2020, 5.5 days after we lost the internet connection. That’s almost 1 week of no internet. And our sources of income relies on the internet.

Another poor service.

There was a sudden power outage on the afternoon of 19 August 2020, then, the internet was gone. I did not call technical support because I was hoping the internet will be back the next day.

The next day, there was still no internet connection.

I called the PLDT POOR SERVICE CENTER AND I WASTED SO MUCH TIME. Believe me, because I jotted notes:

  • PLDT August 22, 2020 1 hour 45 minutes
  • august 23, 2020 1 hour 14 minutes
  • august 24, 2020 still no internet.

The hours I noted was the waiting time before I got answered by their POOR SERVICE CENTER AGENTS.

And, yet, they also told me that a rebate will be given. But, it was still subject to management approval.

1299 pesos divided by 30 days would be around 43 pesos per day, 43.30 pesos to be exact.

We have no internet connection for 5.5 days, including the days that I did not reported no internet connection and also the day our modem was finally replaced.

The rebate should be 238.15 pesos. A small amount indeed, but, this amount is also equivalent to 4.763 liters of 50-peso gasoline for our vehicle already. This amount is also equivalent to around 5 kilos of rice.

Yet, there is no assurance that a rebate will be given. Same thing that happened last November 2019 wherein we lost internet connection for 3 days and yet, it already lapsed, the rebate period lapsed.

The rebates should be automatically given because we are paying for the internet service. We do not even use the voice call so much because we have mobile phones already. We only use the voice call included in this plan for calling the PLDT POOR TECHNICAL SUPPORT SERVICE TEAM.

So, the amount of 238.15 pesos that should have been a rebate for us, multiply it to hundreds of subscribers that they have, PLDT does earn so much from their poor service.

Yet, they have the audacity to tell me that the technical team provides support on a queue basis. Meaning, their are hundreds of subscribers who lost their internet connection and they do not respond to it immediately.

“Sanay na sila”. They are used to it already and they don’t give a damn to irate customers who rant out complaints because of no internet connection.

Is it believable that from Wednesday to Monday, there were simultaneous subscribers who lost internet connection that also happened the same day that it happened to me? Or, prior to these days, do they already have lots of technical issues to resolved? If this is the case, then they really have poor service because they already know that a person lost his internet connection and they do not even send a text message or even send an email to inform their subscribers of their technical issues.

I am just one of the poor souls who lost their internet connection once in a blue moon but those moments of no internet connection already means loss of income.

But, then again, they will have another alibi which is the COVID-19.

Really, PLDT service sucks!

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