DSWD SAP via PayMaya

Last 7 August 2020, I received a text message from DSWD that I was qualified to receive the second tranche of SAP Grant from DSWD via PayMaya.

Upon receiving the text, I was hesitant to believe but I informed my wife about it and asked if it was me who is the recipient or her. She validated it with our Barangay officials via Facebook Messenger (the power of technology) and they informed us it that it was my name that was submitted.

I tried accessing the website indicated on the text message and here are the details that was needed for application:

DSWD SAP via PayMaya:

  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Extension Name
  • Mobile Number
  • Birthday
  • Province
  • City Municipality
  • Barangay
  • SAC Number
  • Data Privacy Policy

Unfortunately, the SAC number was needed when I was filling up the online form so I asked my wife to inquire with the Barangay officials what the SAC number is. We received it the next day.

I also downloaded the PayMaya Android mobile app and installed it on my wife’s phone and on my phone using the registered phone number she indicated during the listing of the 1st SAP grant.

Last 12 August 2020, I received a text message from DSWD that I can already claim that DSWD SAP Grant using the PayMaya mobile app and indeed, there really was the DSWD Voucher.

This was a good call and the best move that should have been done during the granting of the 1st SAP grant so that there is no more need to go to the Barangay office to avoid COVID-19 issues. But, we are still thankful to receive the 2nd tranche of SAP grant, small amount, but still very helpful for payment of bills like the very bad service-oriented PLDT bill. This is another story to tell.

Cashless payment is the thing now especially during this COVID-19 pandemic.

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