Channel 2 ABS-CBN Franchise Disapproved and Denied

Tomorrow, 10 August 2020, will be the 1st month since ABS-CBN or locally known as Channel 2 and also popularly called the “Kapamilya” network, was denied a renewal of its franchise.

From its 1st hearing on 26 May 2020 until 6 July 2020 which was the 12th hearing until the voting on 10 July 2020 with 70-11 voting results from Committee on Legislative Franchises, this became a historic event for media and telecommunications.

ABS-CBN or “Kapamilya” (adopting this moniker during their 50th year of Philippine TV in 2003) network has become a part of the lives of many people. It dominated the TV industry with GMA-7 or “Kapuso” network as their main rival.

Many Filipinos were devastated when the House of Representatives, particularly the House Committee on Legislative Franchises, voted 70–11 to deny the franchise application of ABS-CBN.

With this event, there were rumors that some “Kapamilya” talents will be doing an “ober da bakod” or transferring to another network, primarily, the “Kapatid” network, TV5 or Channel 5 and some may be accepted and welcomed in the “Kapuso” network, GMA-7 or Channel 7.

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