And Our Barangay Is In Lockdown

Source: SLU-SVP Barangay Facebook

As of the afternoon of today, 26 July 2020, the street where our domain is located is now in lockdown for contact tracing.

Hopefully, the contact tracing efforts of the Barangay will not be in vain.

It is really a hassle to be in a lockdown because some important activities will be limited or explanations and proofs must be given and shown to be able to pass through the checkpoint.

And, to think that our family is still fortunate because I was able to do some groceries but I was asked where I was going and I had to show my ID to the police.

Also, my wife just had her Caesarian delivery for our second child last 23 July 2020 and will also have a mandatory follow-up check-up for the newborn baby as well as her incision wound because of the Caesarian operation.

We hope and pray that this will be over soon.

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