Free Webinars From Stanford During COVID-19

I received an email from Coursera regarding several webinars that are offered free from Stanford University.

Effective Data Visualization in the Era of COVID-19
In a crisis, data is especially critical to understanding challenges and formulating solutions. In this webinar, Stanford Associate Professor Kristin Sainani introduces basic concepts in data visualization, including how to graph different types of data, principles of effective data visualization, and how graphs can mislead. Watch now >>

How to Be a Good Boss During Trying Times
Managing people through ambiguity and anxiety isn’t easy. Join Bob Sutton and Huggy Rao in this webinar to learn management techniques that will help you communicate, support, and lead your teams during these trying times. Watch now >>

How to Innovate Faster and Better During COVID-19
Don’t let this time of uncertainty discourage innovation and creativity. In this webinar, Jeremy Utley and Perry Klebahn from the Stanford Design School ( will offer techniques to help you create more ideas, tackle problems, and energize your remote teams. Watch now >>

Data-Driven Storytelling
The power of data lies in the stories it tells. In this webinar, Cheryl Phillips will walk you through the process of transforming raw data into effective narratives and visuals. She’ll cover best practices in searching for data, cleaning and processing it, and ultimately making sense of it. Watch now >>

Cyber Security and COVID-19
As thousands of people transition to remote work, more businesses become vulnerable to attacks, but you can prevent breaches by understanding the cyber landscape and learning to maintain cyber security through this pandemic and beyond. In this webinar, Neil Daswani explores the lessons learned from recent mega-breaches and examines key takeaways in today’s new reality. Watch now >>

Feel free to join an enhance yourself, gain new knowledge, and be aware during this COVID-19 pandemic age.

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