Countries With No Reported COVID-19 Casualty, Yet

While majority of the global nations are combatting the effects of COVID-19, there are still some countries that has negative report of COVID-19 patients.

They still have zero casualty as of today, 19 April 2020.

These countries are the following:

  • North Korea in East Asia
  • Lesotho in South Africa
  • Comoros in South Africa
  • Kiribati in Central Pacific Ocean
  • Marshall Islands in Central Pacific Ocean
  • Micronesia in Western Pacific Ocean
  • Palau in Western Pacific Ocean
  • Nauru in Southwestern Pacific Ocean
  • Samoa in South Pacific Ocean
  • Solomon Islands in South Pacific Ocean
  • Tonga in South Pacific Ocean
  • Tuvalu in South Pacific Ocean
  • Vanuatu in South Pacific Ocean
  • Tajikistan in Central Asia
  • Turkmenistan in Central Asia

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