Hallyu TV Series During COVID-19


Since the start of the lockdown or ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine), we were all forced to stay at home doing anything and everything that needs to be done and can also be done to spend most of the time.

Activities such as running or jogging outside are prohibited. Hence, treadmill running was an option. While treadmill running is a bit boring, I had to incorporate another activity while doing it. So, I watch television series, specifically, Hallyu television shows via Netflix while doing some treadmill runs.

For familiarization, a Hallyu is a Chinese term that literally means “Korean Wave”.  A general term defining the outstanding increase of Korean culture and popular culture that includes music, movies, drama, television series, online games and even Korean cuisine.

South Korean movies and television shows can be watched via Netflix, Iflix, and HOOQ streaming websites via their mobile phone applications.

Some of these television shows run for around 50+ minutes up to 1 hour and 10 minutes so it is better to prepare yourself to a one-hour slow-paced run if you also want to incorporate watching while you are exercising.

You can watch any kind of themes depending on your preference. “Crash Landing On You”, “Something In The Rain”, “Itaewon Class”, and “Jumong” are just some of the television series you might want to consider watching.

While for movies, “The Last Princess”, “My Sassy Girl”, “Sex is Zero”, and “A Moment To Remember”, “The Battleship Island”, and “Train To Busan” are just some of the movies you can watch although some may run for as long as two hours.

You do not need to watch these Hallyu movies and TV shows, you can watch any other shows and movies depending on your preference.

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