Ingress During COVID-19


As an Ingress player, there is a need to go out and walk to portals in order to hack them. And because I still have not gotten my Sojourner Ingress badge which was inadvertently got stuck in 241 days, I had to restart again.

One needs to have a status continuous hacking for 360 days to achieve the final Onyx (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Onyx). Also, this is the only remaining award that should be done on a daily streak. The Guardian medal was already retired last 2 April 2018.

During this COVID-19 pandemic which is really a catastrophic event worldwide, going outside is a limited choice, and for some Ingress gamers, it is not really an option anymore.

Personally, from 16 March 2020, I was able to go out because I needed to buy some basic needs like medicine for our son, dog food for our Siberian Huskies, and of course, fruits, vegetables, and canned goods. I was also even able to buy a Lysol 1 gallon which costs a lot, 1,600 pesos but it is useful for cleaning purposes, especially the bathroom and floor. I also even used it to spray some of our household stuff.

Anyway, for the Ingress game, it was a good thing that Niantic, the game developers, finally decided to have an update which I was able to read last Saturday, 21 March 2020, only. Their latest update is that recharging “in consecutive 24-hour periods” will have a “daily credit towards the Sojourner medal”.


As you can see on the screenshots, it was 102 days as of 3:44 PM 22 March 2020 and it became 103 days as of 10:44 PM 22 March 2020. For how long this will be implemented is still until further notice. So, this update is real.

This is also a piece of good news for Ingress gamers worldwide because most of the places are already in lockdown status or in enhanced community quarantine.

In the Philippines, some barangays even implemented a 24-hour curfew already. A resident must have a Barangay quarantine identification pass or Barangay pass slip. Only one member of the household is allowed to have this quarantine slip which must be presented if going out to buy basic necessities.

Also, today, we were able to watch the Ingress animation and Kingdom Season 2 in Netflix because of this enhanced community quarantine.

Finally, my continuous prayer that this COVID-19 pandemic will have a remedy already because it affects a lot of individuals already.

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