COVID-19 March 2020 Update

On 9 March 2020, President Duterte issued Proclamation No. 922 “Declaring a State of Public Health Emergency through out the Philippines“.

This is the first day of Metro Manila community quarantine. Here in Baguio, there are checkpoints already that are manned by police and health workers who are checking the temperature of any passengers going to Baguio. Travellers are also required to present pre-filled forms that indicate names, addresses, contact numbers, date and time of travel and also seat numbers and bus numbers especially those travelling by bus.

Also, I attended mass alone at Baguio Cathedral. And, it was not a normal scenario because there were few people who attended the Sunday mass today. For my family’s part, my wife and 3-year-old-son were left at home to avoid contracting any viral illness which can be passed by anyone. Although, I also did some groceries and marketing so we can have stock at home in case anything happens.

Nobody really knows what will happen a few days, weeks, months, or years after. Also, anybody can be a carrier these days since the COVID-19 became pandemic. Whatever your status in life, anyone can be affected by this new virus.

Let us all pray that a cure will be found already for this deadly virus that has killed so many individuals already. In the Philippines, as of today, 15 March 2020, there are already 140 COVID-19 patients including the demise of 12 patients.

Virus Crisis

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