2019 Baguio City Athletes Congratulated by City Resolution

A big congratulations to several Baguio City athletes who won in the 30th Southeast Asian Games were given by the local government of Baguio City. Resolution 505-2019 was created... Read more »

2019 30th SEA Games Ended Successfully

The 30th SEA Games host, Philippines, dominated the biennial games by garneringĀ a total of 149 gold medals, 117 silver medals, and 121 bronze medals for a grand total of... Read more »

2019 Baguio Christmas Run

Baguio will be filled again with runners on 15 December 2019. The 2019 Baguio Christmas Run will celebrate its second year courtesy of Don Santillan, a seasoned road and... Read more »

2019 30th SEA Games Finally Opened

The 30th edition of the Biennial SEA Games opened formally yesterday. Although it started with so many snafus coupled with fake news, the official opening ceremony went well at... Read more »