2019 Tawid Mountain Marathon

Tawid Mountain Marathon will be happening on 8-9 June 2019 at Bontoc, Mountain Province.

Registration fees are as follows:

  • 42K – Php 3,300.00 Non-resident, Php 2,700.00 Bontoc Resident
  • 24K – Php 2,300.00 Non-resident, Php 1,700.00 Bontoc Resident
  • 12K -Php 1,300.00 Non-resident, Php 800.00 Bontoc Resident
  • 6K – Php 550.00
  • Kiddie Run – Php 350.00

Based on their Facebook post, 42K runners will be traversing 9 Barangays out of 16 Barangays in Bontoc, Mountain Provice. Starting from Poblacion to Barangay Samoki, steep climb to Barangay Can-eo where you will be able to see “inafer” or the ancient traditional practice of manually weaving ethnic cloths below their houses. From here, the runner will proceed to Barangay Tocucan passing through the Chapyusen waterfalls. Breaks are allowed in this area and then another steep ascent passing through a wide grassland in between Barangay Tocucan and Barangay Maligcong which is known as “Katavo” with a barely visible old helipad used during the 2nd World War before finally reaching Barangay Maligcong. Passing through its rice paddies with a beautiful view of a verdant rice terraces, another short climb will be able to reached Mt. Kupappey to get a bird’s eye view of the Maligcong rice terraces. Traversing again until you reached a lofty ridge with tall pine trees going to Barangay Mainit with its own version of the rice terraces. From here, the runner will proceed to Barangay Guina-ang for a perfect vantage point to view magnanimous green landscapes because this is the barangay with the highest elevation among the rest of the barangays. Another steep hike until the summit of Mt. Fato/Mt. Parotan which is the highest elevation point and a tri-boundary of Barangay Bontoc ili, Barangay Maligcong, and Barangay Guina-ang. A perfect 360-degree angle view which is really good for your eyes and for a photo souvenir. Afterwards, runner will proceed on a downhill area going to Barangay Chata, Bontoc ili with another magnificent plateau and then going on a rough downhill area up to Barangay Eyeb, Poblacion. Another last round on the track-and-field Oval will be the final step before proceeding to the finish line and finally reaching your goal of finishing the Tawid Mountain Marathon.


Tawid Mountain Marathon Facebook Page

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