2019 Guerilla Race in Baguio

There will be three categories for this challenging Guerilla Race that will be held at Camp John Hay in Baguio City.

The Sprint category is the lowest level of the three categories. This is a 5-kilometer race with an inclusive 12 obstacles which is good for novice runners who want to taste and feel what a Guerilla Race will be. The registration will be 2,000 pesos.

The second level is the Warrior category is good for intermediate runners who are already trained to add a level of additional challenge in their way of life as a runner. This is a 10-kilometer race with 18 obstacles which has a registration fee of 2,500 pesos.

The last category is the Panther category which is a 21-kilometer race that has 30 obstacles as part of the challenge. It is highly recommended that runners are well-trained to join this category. The Panther category will have a registration fee of 3,500 pesos.

If you are interested to join this race filled with obstacles and you are prepared to face a new race to add in your running experience, you may register at the online registration website.https://reg.goorahna.com/#/event/guerilla-race-baguio-2019

This race is a tribute to the founder of the Guerilla Race, Lt. Col. Dennis Bumanglag, who was a former Philippine Scout Ranger and a graduate of the class of 1991 of the Philippine Military Academy.

The Guerilla Race is a pioneer in the obstacle races in the Philippines that incorporates a level of discipline similar to the disciplinary level in the army.

This race also supports the educational program of the Armed Forces of the Philippines Educational Benefit System Office (AFP-EBSO) wherein part of the registration fees will be given to the said office.

Hashtag #runcation as part of promoting tourism simultaneous with running for health and fitness advocacy.




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