My First Car


This is a personal post almost related to running but this time it is running a vehicle.

Time is running fast and we are getting older. I will be reaching my fortieth year next year and I need to enhance my personal skills.

Today, I bought my first car. Although, it is only a used car already. It is a Toyota Corolla 1994 XE big body.

I named it “Boogie” because of its color. I bought it to practice running a car since I am not an expert driver yet. Plus, I still do not have a driver’s license which I plan to get next month, December.

This car will be very useful especially when I join marathons far from our place. I do not need to worry anymore with regards to commuting.

Despite the costs of fuel in our country, running a car is still a necessity already. Aside from the reality that driving is a special skill that needs to be learned by everyone.

This is a skill that can be very useful especially in times of emergencies. Aside of course from the constant woes of long queues of a taxi in a famous mall in our area. Waiting for a taxi can sometimes reach up to two hours.

Also, I will be able to visit my mother in the southern part of our country more often.

I also love to travel that is why I love running. Only this time, my family and I can run and travel conveniently while running my first car.

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