2019 Hanoi International Marathon Cancelled


It was a saddening news.

I received an email last 2 October 2018 informing me that the Hanoi International Marathon on April 2019 wherein I was registered was canceled due to complicated factors including the unreached number of total local and foreign registrants which are required for an international marathon event to close an entire downtown area.

At first, I thought that it was a scam coming from another foreigner desperately seeking money or cash deposits to claim a large number of funds then continuously asking for personal information especially personal banking details as you read the spam email.


Then I read again the email and it was indeed a Cancellation Notice for the 2019 Hanoi International Marathon event. The email was sent using the info@hanoiinternationalmarathon.com email address and the sender was the Project Manager of the international event, Henrik Leth Jorgensen.

I also checked and accessed again the website of the 2019 Hanoi International Marathon and did a screenshot for future reference.

So, there it goes, my first international running event has been delayed. Maybe destiny wants me to join a half-marathon instead of a 10K run on an international marathon event.

Better yet, a full marathon is a good alternative goal before I reached my 40th birthday. Hmm, sounds like the best idea. Now, all I need to do is train better and search for another international marathon.


Destiny did play a good part since I had not book any flights yet since I have been waiting for a better flight schedule in December 2018.

I just canceled my early booking for a hotel in Hanoi which was offered via a famous booking website for a Free Cancellation option.

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