15 Days After Typhoon Ompong

2018 Ucab Itogon Benguet 09262018

This is a post offering prayers for those who have lost their lives last 15 September 2018 during the calamitous effect of Typhoon Ompong (international name of Mangkhut).

Many lives have been lost especially in the area of  Barangay Ucab’s Level 070 in Itogon, Benguet which is near Baguio City. Most have perished when they were covered due to landslides.

As of this posting, 30 September 2018, the death toll in the area of Barangay Ucab extends to 78 people.

It is really a catastrophic event and all our prayers for the lost lives in this tragedy will be very meaningful.

Ucab in Itogon, Benguet is more or less 47 minutes away from Baguio City.



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