Finally, My Own Domain


Finally, is now If ever you typed the old website address of, it will be redirected to Baguio Runner which is Finally, My Own Domain of which I purchased on my 39th birthday last August 2018.

Going back to the days that I got curious and joined in July 2012 based on the record settings that I saw on my WordPress account, it was really monotonous since I have to think of articles to posts within the limits and boundaries of the City of Pines.

Even though I joined in 2012, my first blog post was 13 September 2016. Reminiscing about it, it was a gap of four years before I finally decided to post a blog on WordPress.

Back then, I strived to post thrice a week but I ended up deciding to post once a week. It was a sound decision since it reduces the stress of topics to write on a confined niche.

Once again, I have proven that patience is a virtue even when buying a running domain. This domain, will have sentimental value since it was registered on my birthday.

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