2018 Yamashita Run (not in Baguio)

The 2018 Yamashita Run or The Last Stand of Yamashita Trail Run will be happening on 9 September 2018.

This event will include two categories, namely, 50K and 21K.

The 50-kilometer category will have a cut off time of 6 hours at the first Aid Station (AS1) and 10 hours at the second Aid Station (AS2). Finish line must be reached at 7PM.

21-kilometer runners must reached the Aid Station 4 within 3 hours. The finish line should be reached by 12PM.

Registration fees for the 50K category is 2,800.00 pesos while the 21K category is 1,700.00 pesos.

Runners who are interested to join can go the website of Team Malaya, the race organizers of this Trail Run.




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