I Chose A Short Distance For The 2019 Hanoi International Marathon

2019 Hanoi International Marathon - Super Early Bird Registration - BOOKED Screenshot 12 July 2018

Note: This is a late personal post.

The 12th of July 2018 will be a memorable day for me aside from being our 7th anniversary as a boyfriend-girlfriend couple, albeit we are married already.

It was the day that I am now officially registered to the 2019 Hanoi International Marathon. I took advantage of the Super Early Bird Registration. I registered last 12 July 2018 which is an important date for me since this is the anniversary date of us when we’re not married yet. Plus, the idea of doing things or deciding things on important dates makes it easy for me to remember memorable decisions.

During the registration process, there are Expected Time dropdown choices and I have chosen the group of Pen E (1:31 hrs – 2:00 hrs).

Yes. At first, I tried registering for a 21K category but finally decided to register only for a 10-kilometer run so that I can still have time with my family. There will be more time for family bonding in exploring the ins and outs of Hanoi, Vietnam.

The total costs for being a Super Early Bird registrant for the 2019 Hanoi International Marathon was 750,000 Vietnamese Dong or almost 1,745.5492 Philippine Pesos during my registration which I based on currency converter extension of my Google Chrome web browser.

The shirt sizes are available at sizes of XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL based on this t-shirt size chart. I have decided to go with the large t-shirt size so there will be a buffer in case they have a different style of shirt sizes in Vietnam.

Race packs are inclusive of a race singlet, personalized bib number, water, energy drink, digital race photo, e-certificate, race guide, and finisher’s medal.

Refunds are not available and changing of race distances will have an additional charge of $10 administration fee on top of the extra amount of the new desired distance. Any changing of race distances will be strictly prohibited after 14 March 2019.

All 42-kilometer participants must be 18 years old on the day of the race, 21-kilometer registrants must be 16 years old on race day, and 10-kilometer runners must be 12 years old on the day of the race day.

As of this posting, Kids Run is still being processed and will be posted soon at the website of Hanoi International Marathon.

You can refer to the website of the 2019 Hanoi International Marathon for the registration fees. All prices are in Vietnam Dong (VND) and you only need to refer to an online currency converter to estimate your fees based on the currency of your residence.

Also, last 12 July 2018, I also bought 4 books for my two-year-old son. I was searching for domain names using ay naku and also Tagalog slang words plus alibata letters when I chance the website of Tahanan Books. I searched ay naku and their website came second on the result list of Google and it also turned out there was a book entitled AY NAKU!

At that moment, I finally decided to buy their books which I received around 12:30PM last 13 July 2018. It was a very fast delivery process and with a very fast transaction mode of payment by using a Paypal account.

I also purchased the Shubi Android app for my son who was learning very fast at two years old and while he is on the peak of remembering things, he might as well learn while watching or playing mobile apps.

So, that’s three memorable events that took place on our seventh-anniversary date.

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