2018 Recommended Father’s Day Movies

Memories in Jakarta 2018

Celebrate Father’s Day 2018 while watching movies meant in giving inspiration and motivation for your running daddies and non-running patriarchs as well. Watch these three movies to run more and have fun while running for maintaining a good and healthy body in order to survive and protect our children from disasters, calamities, and catastrophes. Running helps our daddies have more endurance to take care of their children. It enhances our stamina in guiding our children from untoward incidents.

  • The Pursuit of Happyness – this is a 2006 movie that tackles with a father and his son who never lost hope amidst the destitute conditions of their lives. A father will do anything to survive so that his family will have a stable life.
  • Taken – this is a 2008 movie that deals on a dad who would do anything in order to find his abducted daughter. A father will protect his family against unnecessary offenders.
  • The Impossible – this is a 2012 movie that involves running from a disaster and the aftermath of this disaster. A father will keep on looking and hoping that his loved ones are still alive after any unforeseen cataclysm.


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